Manage your booking

If you have already made a car hire booking through our website engine please use the sections below to manage your booking. Please enter your reservation/reference number that was sent to you on the confirmation email and the email address that you used on our website to make the booking. The reservation ID is a nine digit number starting with the two letter country code, i.e. PT123456789. You'll be redirected to the CarTrawler Customer Support Centre after submitting the forms below.

1. Voucher Lookup / Retrieval

Click here to view and print your booking voucher. This is the document that you will be required to present at the rental desk when you pick-up your vehicle. It contains important information about your rental including pick-up times, dates and vehicle type.

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I don't have my reservation number

2. Cancel your booking

Cancellation of a booking must be made a minimum of forty eight (48) hours before the rental of the vehicle is due to commence pursuant to a booking made on this booking engine. Before you proceed please read more details of our Cancellation Policy.

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3. Booking Amendments

If you need to make any alterations to your previously made booking you must send a communication through the CarTrawler Support clearly informing of the precise details of such alteration.

Please note that CarTrawler does not guarantee that all alterations can be processed; however every effort will be made to meet with a favourable outcome. Also note that alterations to your booking cannot be processed after collection of the vehicle and that CarTrawler is unable to offer you a refund if you end your rental early.

In the event that you require to extend the rental period after the collection of your rented vehicle (dates not covered by the CarTrawler voucher), you must pay directly to the car rental agency the local rental rates prevailing at that time.